James Russo Award

Awarded each spring to the Cyclone deemed to have demonstrated the highest degree of excellence in the classroom (which, prior to 2015-16, was awarded to the Cyclone with the highest GPA and no other considerations), the James Russo Award is in homage to the father of former Cyclone Hockey coach and Iowa State professor John Russo.  John played on the first varsity team at the University of Wisconsin and came to Iowa State as a professor in construction engineering.  John finished his PhD in construction engineering while serving as a professor and also served as an assistant coach for Cyclone Hockey for nearly ten years.  Russo left Iowa State for the Twin Cities and became the president of Russo Consulting in 1986. In addition to his work as a construction consultant, Russo has served as a high school hockey coach in the Twin Cities and a columnist for the Minnesota hockey magazine Let’s Play Hockey. In 2000, John started the Upper Midwest High School Elite League, which has become a must-see league for junior hockey, college hockey, and NHL scouts every September through early November. Russo was an immensely positive influence for Cyclone Hockey players during the Golden Era of Cyclone Hockey with his coaching and academic leadership. John Russo spoke very highly of the influence his father, James, had on him, hockey players, and people in general, and so Cyclone Hockey honors John Russo by honoring the man he honored, James Russo.

Yearly Award Winners
2015-16: Chase Rey
2014-15: Seth Serhienko
2013-14: Seth Serhienko
2012-13: Alec Wilhelmi & Tony Martirosian
2011-12: Mike Dopko & Alec Wilhelmi
2010-11: Marcus Andary
2009-10: Derek Behrman

2008-09: Derek Behrman
2007-08: Jim Stenson
2006-07: Jason Brown
2005-06: Jason Brown
2004-05: Mike Moren
2003-04: Ross Patrick
2002-03: Mike Stellmaker
2001-02: Mike Moren
2000-01: Andrew Murdoch
1999-00: Andrew Murdoch
1998-99: Glenn Detulleo
1997-98: Greg Jones
1996-97: Mike Grammatikos
1995-96: Ben Roth
1994-95: Mike Ogbourne
1993-94: Kyle Geiger
1992-93: Kyle Geiger
1991-92: Scott Geiger
1990-91: Jeff Behling
1989-90: Scott Geiger
1988-89: Mike Laird
1987-88: Greg Spear
1986-87: Rich Kranzman & Joe Paolini
1985-86: Dan Bullard
1984-85: Dan Bullard
1983-84: Mario Amantea
1982-83: Randy Penny
1981-82: Randy Penny





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